Photocopy Machine


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Existentialist Joruney...
Are we humans?


released July 12, 2016

Miguel Figueroa - Instruments and vocals



all rights reserved


ANAPSIQUE Guadalajara, Mexico

Black Metal Blues

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Track Name: Photocopy Machine
Deep, sadness. I can’t hide my loneliness as it penetrates, my mind. Deep inside i realized living is not that nice... Nothing is real but dead Life hurts, death ends.
Track Name: Driving Nowhere
Are we humans? Don’t try to scape. Those physic laws told us to stay Energy can’t be destroyed, it just can be transformed.
So, what are we? Before live this shit? (In the universe before become sperm, freedom is real if you are dead, just live in the space, death is the only eternal thing in the universe) If this is truth, we can affirm, and just assume this life of shit is just a waste with our wars and /pain, shit)
Track Name: From the cave to the space
The earth gave birth to humans and they killed themselves, so as god and satan itself. They, created guns, and used the bombs in the shores. Blood couldn’t stop it’s running. Thousands of forests burning. Hundreds of rivers of blood running. But one day Power wasn’t enough And man looked back No nature behind No balance No life. (God is pain) (Yes i confirm, i see the orbit of earth master. Home of pain and death) (There is no life after being alive) Tricked into lies, of an existance in the space The million years beast Will devour the entire earth That’s what we are convicted to.
Life cease existance, our eyes will never see the morning light again, this is war, they must die.
Track Name: Great Dark Spot
I am so lost, in this hell of wind. No one could hear, if I could scream. The world so blue, eternal peace. A new meaning of loneliness, them wind will come among madness. Give yourself to the eternal darkness. A worldwide storm, forever. A wall of feelings, bowed away. A portrait of ourselves.
Track Name: Rose Rose Red ft Igor Zotov
Fake sickness in the grass growing Green. Conceiving life as the life itselfas my inner self destructive addiction. Low and dead. I saw with horror the Cosmos of shame buried with juxtaposition art in the doom of the days and the void of knowledgeand human determination. A vision came The sun shining burned my eyes but blind i could finally see what it was. The pile of dead kids staring me,a pile of burned children in the middle of nowhere, a huge dune, empty and hot with a foggy sun in degradation. They had no eyes but i felt their eye contact. As i came closer they started screaming,thousands of voices screamed the same. But if i ran far away they died again, they die again . then i realised... Every pleasure, honor, virtue, happiness, success freedom victory!! and intelligence came from human intellect, created to give a sense to his existence. we’re not a bee that makes honey or a lion that keeps balance. We are chaos. And everything it’s dark in the infinite void of a society And we created a book and the book tried to explain but just gave us a lot of dead and the liquid so warm and red ran in every formation of earth with such of power, and the weak minded screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed, but nobody heard. and the liquid keep flowing like a pervert seductive snake that crowds in the dark until it turned in huge monuments of gold and ignorance. But the monuments went back to the dust with the years and the gold finally was forgotten.
And the void existed for hundred, thousands of years. And i found the answer inside our minds as the useless planets in the galaxy and the stars in the sky that died to became a show to our eyes. the degradation of the beasts until they finally disappear Same with water and sand and happiness and dirt and light and pain and love and grass and every thing that could be touched or felt every known thing by the minds of our idols and gods Tiny little things running everywhere, tiny as a mere ant from the sky and you can only see destruction and construction. nothing inside of existence and sorrow, any answer or explanation of what we are!. And the atoms vibrated so much untill they finally got out of orbit so as Galaxy, and the heat melt my inner peace! And every star is dead now Less 423 degrees with no light inside. And we still searching the awnser but there is, there was anything. Anything but dead and pain and dead and anything. Our freedom in conscious and brain made us weaks, our personal jail. Programmatic, paradoxical like a dawn. The last dawn ever, with the meadows and the flowers and the beautiful beautiful butterflies and the grass dancing with the air and the sunlight The very best Jehovah’s gift to explain it. And we created Jehovah in our image and likeness to explain ourselves But the breeze burned everything! A true quality spectacle! An standing ovation in the end of the greatest mankind creation Creation of war and waste of morals The end will finally shout out my deepest meaning of life. Nothingess, void, death, dark infinite cosmos again So peaceful and deaf And we met peace, but our knowledge was zero.
Track Name: Jian Zhicheng
the thing of night
called from the dark
Blackish and marshy
with the light of the moon i could see
man will slave the beasts
an empty man crawling like sewage liquid
he never felt such power
humans hopes equals nothing
a beast will love you untill your eyes see darkness
with chains and pain
waiting for you untill the end
love seems to be pain
when you are alone everything hurts